Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thoughts on Zumba and Starting Spring Break

Not really much to say about mid-terms. They're mid-terms. One of four times I administer exams throughout the school year. Done, over with, about as much as to be expected. Grading those puppie sure does take some time, though. Some go quicker than others. Anyways... onto the the real gut of this post. Zumba :-) A fun topic.

Another hot one today, and my shirt was beyond soaked with sweat after Zumba class today. Was like that yesterday, as well. When you stick 50+ of us in a small gym with little air flow and add the heat that has been pounding all day, it makes for one sweaty workout. Erica tried telling me I am sweating more because I'm more fit. Ha... Sure, maybe that's part of it, but I think it was mostly the heat. Good, though. You'd think I would feel more sluggish in the heat, but I feel like it ignites an extra fire in me, and I push even harder.

As I stand up in the first couple rows, and I go pretty high impact with the routines all class, I wonder what I look like. I mean I'm very aware that I am the young white girl up toward the front jumping around and sweating up a hot mess, but I still wonder... not that anyone else is really looking, but there are lots of them back there. Hmm... just something funny I found myself thinking about today. I also try to smile when I Zumba and not look tired. I do have fun with it. One song I really got into today.

Made me think of this image I've seen before. For your viewing pleasure :-)

I asked Erica if she could copy me a Zumba playlist, and she happily obliged. I am looking forward to getting that back from her next week. So, if I ever feel like some Zumba outside of class, I'll be set. I do have most of the routines down pact. Also, I can bring some of my American Samoa Zumba back with me to the Midwest. I will definitely look up local classes wherever I am because part of the fun of Zumba is adding in new routines all the time and being in the group. The atmosphere is fun.

I really do enjoy Zumba a bunch, and it has been a great part of my healthy lifestyle this year. I loved it when we had it two days a week, and now this last month we've had it three times a week. I am thankful for being introduced to it while going to college, and I am very thankful for my awesome instructors here. Wherever I end up living back in the States, I will likely sign up for some Zumba classes. I can also have little fun Zumba sessions with my friends. I can be our little instructor... haha, I wish I was that good. The important thing is to have fun, keep moving, and burn some calories :-) That's the cool thing about Zumba. Most of the time I don't think about being tired until it's over, as I am having so much fun.

Funny story from Zumba today. Prior to class starting, Peteru, one of my instructors, is walking up to the front and he screams. Nice sized spider. Sort of reminded me of a wolf spider. Not really sure though. Not my forte. Anyways, some of the other ladies said "step on him". I tried getting into to crawl into my hands so I could carry him out, but I ended up "herding" him out instead. Like a shepherd herding his sheep. I found this rather funny, but the others didn't qutie seem to get my herding joke. Oh well. haha Peteru was thankful for me getting it out, and then one of the other ladies asked me what I do here on the island. Science teacher :-) That's some Creature Outreach experience right there. I'll pick up a spider, or in this case herd one out the door. hahaha

One other little side note. A few weeks ago, Hannah and I ate at the Koko Bean for dinner and shared a dessert. Bread pudding was one dessert available that night. Hannah had never heard of it before, and my curiosity made me want to see how they made it here. Grandma makes some good bread pudding back home. Mmm. This was pretty good. Good choice. Now, I will be looking forward to having some back in the Midwest. Can't even remember the last time I had bread pudding. Oh... and by the way, "why is this randomly being brought up in this post?", you ask. Well, I did not have my camera with me that night, but Hannah happened to have hers. She just uploaded to her computer and shared it with me. Food photography is one of my many interests (in addition to photography, in general).

Also, I uploaded photos of the strawberries I picked up after writing about them in a post. Here's the photo from the plate I had first night after I bought them. Failed to take some photos of the grapes I had the other day, but I'm sure you can picture those well enough. I just like taking food photographs. They are nice subjects that sit still for me. hahaha Photography humor ;-)

I am officially on Spring Break as I write this post at 7pm (American Samoa time) Thursday night. One whole week off. Spring Break is not something we had when I went to high school, but the kids I worked with in Sioux City did get one. Personally, one day off is good for me, and then I'd prefer getting out a week earlier at the end of the school year. Oh well, though. Going to enjoy the week. A few things that are potentially happening: breakfasts/brunches with Hannah; check out the little boutique cousin Nina is working at currently; maybe meet up with her for dinner one night; to'onai at church on Sunday as a visiting pastor from California is here, and it is family Sunday (Hannah is going with me); renting a car so we can see some ends of the island that are harder to get to without a car and have a day of freedom while taking lots of photos; maybe another random photo shoot; Zumba classes; reading; puzzle; job searching; relaxing

My current plan now for tonight is to not doing anything but sit here, listen to some music, and think. Too often I feel like I need my hands doing something, but I want to embrace some relaxing. I have plenty of time to do some other things (a whole week actually).

That is all for now. As I mentioned in my previous posts, and now after reading some ideas, I'm sure you are thinking I shall have some fun photos ready to go next week. I sure hope so :-) Have a nice weekend! I hear it was warmer back in the Midwest on this fine Thursday.

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  1. THE ONLY bread pudding I will eat is Grandma Boschen's. I was thinking about her homemade rice and ham sandwichs the other day. Think I am going to start staying with Gma when Uncle Ron is gone for a day or two :) You are the zumba master!!!!!