Sunday, March 24, 2013

Keeping Occupied, Having Fun, and Relaxing a Bit

Had made plans for lunch with some friends from church - Lilian and her mom, Heidi. Lilian is the friend I generally sit with when we are in service. Miss Heidi is our great pianist. For a while, I have been wanting to meet up with Lilian outside of church, and with some extra time, Spring Break seemed like the perfect opportunity. Thursday worked for her, and she suggested meeting up at Evalani's as they serve $1 tacos on Thursdays. I do like me some Mexican food :-)

They had it set up as a nice little buffet, where you grabbed the shells, and they added the scoop of whatever meat (or beans) you wanted. Then, you added your own toppings, and could get a scoop of nacho chips on the side. Also, there were some enchiladas and burritos prepared ready to go. I had two veggie tacos with refried beans. Good stuff! Plus, only $1 each. Can't get much better than that :-)

I'm really glad we did this. Nice little outting with friends, yummy tacos, nice service, and good conversation.

Had a couple of hours before heading to Zumba class, and I spent some time reaching out for more guest speakers. I've already had a handful of bites and am really excited about this last quarter! I also did a little random searching and reading for fun. Finally, Hannah and I watched the Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean before turning in for the night. One of my favorite movies, and one of Johnny Depp's finest performances, in my opinion. I believe my dad would agree :-)

Friday morning I finally just relaxed for a while. Laid in my bed, watched a movie, and didn't do much of anything until lunch time rolled around. We walked about 7 minutes to the community college area to check out a few of the fast food places there, but not really much for me to eat. We did pop our heads in, though. So, we trekked back home, where I decided to put together a rather random but colorful lunch, which made for a nice picture.

Oven baked spinach and cheese pizza with a side of fresh and raw green beans for the main course. A fresh coconut poked open by yours truly to drink. Finally, some home-baked yellow cake from the store, some slices of canteloupe, and a small scoop of chocolate ice cream. Like I said, pretty random; yet, you can't help but smile at all those pretty colors and beautiful set up, can you? ;-)

This was also the start of a little photo shoot around the townhouse for fun. Great lighting in these shots, if I do say so myself.

Then, I responded to some emails with my upcoming guest speakers. My schedule is looking good :-) I am particularly excited for a ranger from the National Park to come 2nd week of April. All will be fantastic, though :-) Also, we received a little thank you gift and card from our friends and fellow volunteers that live on one of the more remote islands. We had intentions of trying to visit them for break, but it did not quite work out. A few others did still make it, though, and took along some groceries that Hannah and I had picked up for Karla and Megan. More than happy to help out. :-)

Ended up hitching a ride with Peteru, one of my amazing Zumba instructors, to The Koko Bean for a nice little dinner. Mashed potatoes, string beans, garlic toast, some chocolate cake, and iced tea. A nice place to go chill and chat for a little while. Hitched a ride home with this friendly guy named Mike that works at the army reserve and has seen us walking to school before. Said he'll pick us up if he ever sees us now.

Woke up early Saturday morning to get a little work in on my computer before all the other girls woke up and slowed down the Internet. Had plans to meet up with one of my fellow volunteers and friend in town for breakfast at 9:30am. Ended up with four of us chatting about things we've wanted to do on the island and things on the list we have yet to cross off. Was nice to see and chat with them before making a stop at the post office for a few things I was expecting: (1) A book I pre-ordered - the latest by Cassandra Clare - Woot! (2) A box from home with some family Easter surprises :-)

Did some more work on my computer Saturday afternoon, enjoyed some leftover pizza, watched Peter Pan, and then mostly chilled in my room. Enjoyed some Bonus Features from Breaking Dawn Part 2, which my mom sent me to complete my Twilight series collection. haha Good stuff. Not the greatest night of sleep Saturday, but headed off to church for some good messages by my friend Richard - the preacher in training that is attending seminary this fall. Then, Pastor Scot invited me over for lunch at his house, which was nice. Just a few hours at home then before evening church, where I nerded out again with my DVDs before being picked up. Hope you all have a nice week. Spring Break is over, so it is back to work for my last quarter as a volunteer teacher at Tafuna High School in American Samoa.

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