Friday, October 5, 2012

Thinking and Smooth Sailing

Rather good Monday with most students behaving really well. Some days it feels like I'm spending 70% of classtime on behavior management and only 20% on science, but all life lessons I guess. Today was oddly good. Not even 2nd and 6th period really gave me much flack today. haha Discussed some more on acids and bases with the Juniors and got them thinking critically about balancing. I was really proud of some of their answers. I really will feel so much more successful this year if I can teach them to think rather than if I only teach them facts about the planets. 

This reminds me of a few quotes I have in my quote book.
"When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do." -Walt Disney
"I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think." -Socrates

In marine science we discussed shells for protection and the bivalves - oysters, clams, mussels, scallops, etc. Keeping those seniors busy with notes for now. Haven't figured out how to balance other things in there yet and keep them on track the whole period.

Third period got some news... my students walked in and asked if I heard about Vivili yet. "No, what's up?" Vivili is one of my students who had not been in class for the past couple of weeks, and I wasn't quite sure why. I had seen him one day at ASPA when I was paying my electricity bill and haven't seen him since. My students told me that he passed away over the weekend. (This was confirmed by the office on Wednesday). A few asked if I still had the picture I took of him on the first day of school, and I found it. Then, I gave a little prayer before we moved onto our lesson. He was such a nice kid when he was in class, so this was sad to hear. Had him in the back of my mind throughout the rest of the day. Here's his picture in his memory for any locals who may read my blog. 

Came home, did part of a workout, ate my peanut butter sandwich with some orange and kiwi. Then, later that night the Florida guys say I should come up and check out the moon and bring my camera. So, I head up and do some experimenting. I haven't done a whole lot of work with moon shots before, so this is a learning process for me. I have posted my favorite shot from that night and am going to try some more, maybe even ones where the moon is just rising up over the horizon.

Tuesday - what a great Tuesday in terms of students listening, paying attention, and being respectful. This may have been the best day yet in terms of behavior. Many of my students commented that I looked very happy on Tuesday. When class goes well, of course a teacher is happy. I generally have a smile on my face, but it was extra big on Tuesday. Substituted for a freshmen science class during my prep period, and it was fun to learn a bit about them. One girl speaks Spanish fluently as she grew up speaking it. Que bueno!

Headed off to Zumba after school, where some of the cheerleading squad joined in today and had some fun. I found that my body was tired. As we were nearing the end of the workout, I was slowing down. This doesn't happen very often, so I didn't muster up the energy to do a 2nd workout when I returned home. Besides, I needed to do laundry.

Went up the hill to try night shots again to find it was rather cloudy out toward the horizon, so I just ended up hanging for a bit looking through the photos from the night before. Turns out the guys had some fresh homemade sushi with a side of corn dip, so I tried some when they offered. Delicious stuff.

Wednesday got a ride with a couple who has children that go to one of the private schools; Jan and Tele were very friendly. We've started heading out to catch a ride a bit earlier these days. Made it to school, and one of the football boys who is not in my class had asked me the day before if I would help him with some scholarship applications his counselor told him to look at. I'm more than happy to help. As he came in, I found we didn't have a whole lot of direction, as in where he would like to go to school, what for, and such. I think this may turn out to be a fun project - my extra curricular activity. I told him we could work on it a little bit each morning, and I can even help with college applications. Wish us luck :)

Mostly well behaved students again, boy over half way through the week and smooth sailing for the most part so far. Stopped at ASPA to pay our electric bill for the last month and began walking to the bus stop, when a school bus picked me up as he was headed my way. Yay! Made it home, did the "Tight Buns and Killer Legs" workout. Was a little slow going at first, but then I got into it and found myself nice and energized afterward. I did some abs and then found myself jogging up the hill. Hadn't done that in a while. I mean I've been walking up there lately... but nice end to my exercise for the day. I made it all the way to the guys' driveway before stretching a bit and walking back down. I was a right sweaty mess after all of that. I could post photos, but figure I might as well not gross you all out too much. I talk enough about it. haha. Good sweat though. Burning those calories.

Oooh before I forget... I was going to mention we had some yummy lasagna at lunch on Monday. Then, I had some vegetarian meals on Tuesday and Wednesday - rice with brocoli and rice with green beans, both with a side of fruit. Had my PB&J with a side of fruit and a glass of milk Wednesday night. It may appear that I eat a lot of the same thing all the time, but that is perfectly okay with me and simple. I enjoy cooking up stuff every now and then but food is food. Cover the basics, and I'm a happy camper.

Thursday - another smooth sailing day. Over before I knew it, and I even had my grading by 3:25pm, which gave me some time to move my desks and sweep the classroom before heading to Zumba. Only two of us in Zumba class today, which was interesting; a good workout, nonetheless.
Had some ice cream cake for Melanie's birthday (Melanie lives downstairs from me and is from Chicago). I decided to make her a birthday card and have some of the friends sign it. I asked one of my students to help me with the front since I am rather unartistic. Sorry the photo is backwards, I took this one using my webcam, but you should get the idea. I did the name if you can't tell. haha. Pretty sweet card, and she liked it. Thank you, Aisa, for your help.

As I was on the porch doing some work on the computer, Hannah and I saw a gecko that just attacked a moth. Animal Planet action right there, so had to take a photo. I haven't done much wildlife photography while I've been here, but here's a start. Kind of a cool photo... I mean check out the moth antennas sticking out of the gecko's mouth :)

Time for a three day weekend. No school here for Columbus Day. Even though I've been having a really great week, it will be nice to have an extra day off. Have a great weekend, everyone! Until next time. I have plans to attend First Friday in the market, hang out, maybe run a few errands, but just take in the weekend and enjoy myself with a few friends. Laters.

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  1. That is so sad about that young man in your class. That is too bad. Way too young. :( The Gecko on TV is WAAAYYYYYY cuter than that one :)