Friday, August 31, 2012

Cleaning, Exercise, Skits, and Exercise

Another rainy day on Thursday, but started off the morning with a ride to school with the same ladies who picked us up Wednesday. Really nice family. The little girl who I sit in the back with is really cute, and her mom is very friendly. Turns out they are related to one of my students.

Took some notes in Earth Science before giving them time to work on a skit in groups dealing with scientific communication - how we share information. In Marine Science we spent some time going into detail with the scientific method. The notes went faster than I had planned for, so I made up a little experiment as I was up there to do together with the last part of class. We ran an experiment to see who could do the most push-ups in 30 seconds. At first, I only had one volunteer to come up and do push-ups. I decided they needed a little encouragement. I told my students if we had five volunteers, I would get down and do ONE push-up for them. That got a few more to come up. So, I followed through and got down and did my ONE push-up. Yes, one. I think I've gained pretty decent respect with my senior class. Can't believe I just did a push-up in class, but I have to admit it was pretty awesome.

I also had a talk with all of my classes today about leaving trash on the floor. It's not simply a disrespectful behavior for them solely in my classroom. Littering is a rather evident problem on the island, so the kids are just used to it. I explained that if it continues to happen everyone will come after school and help me clean up my entire floor. Turns out later that day, two boys showed up offering to help me clean. haha. "Really?" Well... I grabbed a broom, they moved all of the desks, swept the entire floor (which it really needed), and then lined my desks up for me in nice rows. Thanks, boys.

Stopped at the bank before heading home, and I ran into Hannah. She decided she was going to stick the hitchhiker thumb out and see what happens. We ended up getting a ride. I was so proud of her. haha. Usually it's me sticking the hitchhiker thumb out. We asked if they would just drop us off at the main road, but then they decided they wanted to take us all the way home. Nice couple from Nu'uuli. Got home rather early, then. I worked on a few things before my workout "date" with Melanie and the guys (Florida guys that live up the hill). The guys have acquired the Insanity videos, and 6pm almost every night is the current plan. I had done this workout once before, and knew it was great cardio that burns a lot and makes you sweat.

Melanie convinced me to jog up the hill with her. Mind you this is a really steep hill. If you all saw it, you would think I'm crazy. I honestly couldn't believe I was doing it. ha Then, 40 minutes of sweating with Insanity. We were all sliding in our own sweat on the tile floor before the end of it. haha. Felt really good though, parts of it were tiring, but it was great. Think I woke up Friday morning to find my shirt still slightly damp with sweat. haha

The clouds and moon looked really nice after we finished the workout, so I ran back down the hill quick, grabbed my camera, and then ran most of the way back up. Yes, I ran up it again. Boy, lots of exercise today. Here's my favorite shot from that set.

Woke up Friday morning morning and noticed lots of clouds off toward the ocean, but there was some nice sunshine coming through toward the south with pink and orange tones. Obviously had to take my camera out for a bit.

Headed to school, got a ride with the same ladies again. The one told us her daughter started crying yesterday when we got out and asked where the girls went. Aww cute. She said good-bye to us today. She's only 3 years old.

Spent most of Earth and Space science presenting skits. I had some really great ones, some that were slapped together, but most of them covered the bases I asked for. They all actually got up there and presented, as well. Successful, but might be a while before I do something like this again or better organize it. Needed something. My really good students did a phenomenal job, and some even surprised me. We also reviewed some information that I will be asking for on a quiz Friday.

As my seniors were leaving Marine Science class, today one comes up to me and asks "Miss Boschen, are you going to come to our softball game today?" "Today? Okay, sure. I'll stay as long as I can." I wanted to be home before 6, which allows me to get on a bus in decent time, be able to workout with the group again, and work on some stuff. I walked over to the softball field, which is pretty close to campus and watched a few innings before making my trek back home. Immediately changed and headed up the hill with Melanie for Insanity day #2. We walked up the hill, but this was the first time I've walked up that thing and NOT felt short of breath at the top. Exciting feeling! haha. Remember, this is a really (I mean really) steep hill. Another nice sweaty workout. By the way, Zumba class is starting up on campus 3 days a week after school at a really low price. Definitely going to join that, I believe. Zumba is one of my favorite workouts. I usually enjoy it so much that I don't even realize I'm exercising although I sweat a bunch. Will be a great addition to the Insanity workout for now.

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  1. Such beautiful photo Jess! Glad you found some Zumba. I know you loved it. Will think of you and your little Nebraska outfit tomorrow at the game. xoxoxo.....