Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3 Day Weekend and Back to School

Friday night  just sat around with one of my roommates for a while and chatted on the porch. It was nice to just chill for a while, as we had some plans for adventure for Saturday. Then, it rained all night and most of the day Saturday. Hard rain, too. One of the football coaches told me today that it has been a while since he has seen it rain that much here. Up until this weekend it would rain off and on, but this was pretty persistent. Several boys kept asking me Friday if I was going to come to the game. At first, I didn't intend on it, but then I decided I should go. Very interesting game. I've never seen football played on a lake before. haha. See photos below to see what I mean. There were so many fumbles as the ball was really wet, and we only won 6-0. I enjoy some of the photos I got where you can see mud flying, water splashing, and the lake backdrop. Rain doesn't stop activity here in Samoa.

I also happened to sit by the owner of Steven and Son's, a little market we visited often while staying at Vo Tech High School for Orientation. It was pretty cool to meet him, especially since he went to college at Chadron State (Yep, the one in Nebraska). Some of the boys saw me in the stands again after the game (as I had already made sure they all knew I was there again at the beginning), and they wanted a picture. I took a few of just them, but then I said "Hey, I should be in one with you." I also enjoy how you can see the rain drops in this photo. That's right boys, Miss Boschen stayed through the rain and all. haha. Luckily there is a shelter over the bleachers; although, at times the wind was blowing it under. Crazy football game but glad I was there. You'll also note I was sporting my Husker t-shirt on game day :-)

Then my nice friends picked me up from the game (1) because I didn't feel like messing with the buses in this rain and (2) because I was still looking for some sort of adventure. Didn't want to let the rain completely stop us. We started heading for Pago Pago for lunch, when some of the guys noticed the rushing water coming out of streams heading toward the ocean. This made them curious and want to check out what one of the falls they hiked to last weekend looked like today. Rushing water for sure. Cool to see, though. This waterfall is located on a little road behind the hospital on island.

We also stopped and picked up some mail to find that I had a letter from one of my friends. We started writing some letters in addition to all the emails at the beginning of this summer and are keeping it up. It's fun to have pen pals and receive mail. Then a bunch of us headed to a place with a live band for some dancing after an afternoon movie -yep, afternoon movie party. haha Had a good time.

Sunday slept in late. The first time I have really done that on any day in who knows how long. A few of us met for dinner at a Chinese place, which was respectable. A little more fellowship on on of our days off. Then, several of us got together and watched another movie. Space Jam! One of my favorite movies. Brought us all back to our childhoods :-)

Monday we had been invited to a family gathering of the landlords' at which we were presented with a bunch of food. Several meets and local cuisine to try in addition to burgers. My favorite part was the homemade banana nut muffins. Mmmm. We hung out there from about 1pm-3pm.

Then, I had an urge to go hike the short trail to Nu'uuli Falls by myself. A great decision for me on Monday. This was the first afternoon in a while where the sun was actually shining, and I felt like a little adventure on my own. One of the families I see out front of our place all the time offered me a ride to the road that led to the Falls, which I was very grateful for. Here's a photo I took as I was walking up the road behind one of the laundromats to the hiking trail.

The first time I hiked up here I knew it would be a spot I would return when I just needed to sit and think. Just what I needed. The falls also looked different on this day due to all the recent rain. I didn't swim but took a bunch of photos with my Nikon D70 and sat there for a while.

I also set up my little tripod for a few self portraits.

A few friends had headed West to Leone to a spot I wanted to check out, but I really wanted to do the waterfall. However, as I was getting ready to leave the falls around 5pm I decided I would take the bus to Leone and meet up with the others for some sunset shots. I knew I would have a ride back since they were there. Another great spontaneous decision. These are my first sunset photos on the island.

This first one has this big green spot. I promise this is just the way I shot it. Those who know me know that I don't edit photos (minus making some black and white). Must have been some way the light was reflecting or bending through something. I thought it was really cool, though. Should have seen my face when the little preview popped up on my LCD screen. haha

This one frames the clouds that the sun began to hide behind.

Nice big sun with silhouette palm leaves in the foreground.

I also went down right along the ocean and shot some level there. I liked some of the water splashes I caught on camera as the waves would crush into shore.

This one was also shot down low over some rocks that were not fully covered by tide at the time. Part of the intertidal zone (for those who were in my Marine Science class on Monday -this is the zone that is covered at high tide but visible at low tide along the coast). This was another super giddy moment of mine. I love how the orange-pinkish clouds reflect in the little pool.

Successful spontaneous afternoon. Spontaneity is good for the soul. Good way to end my three day weekend. Although it did not include all that we had planned due to all the rain, I still had a great weekend. Life's an adventure :-)

I also did laundry Monday evening. As I was finishing up in walked the elders that had been our Samoan language instructors. It was fun to actually see them (and not just drive by in their vehicle). I told them how some of my students were impressed with some of the Samoan that I knew and how well I pronounced it. haha

By the time I finally sat back down and started working on things, I found myself to be rather tired. I started falling asleep a little after 9 and decided I might as well just wake up early Monday morning to finish a few things before school - finalize my notes for the day. I was past the point of being productive and literally falling asleep at my computer.

Woke up 5:15am Tuesday morning and got to work. Successful morning before riding the bus and then getting a ride with another teacher on the Tafuna road. Almost forgot it was Tuesday. haha Threw me off a bit, as our Tuesday schedule is different from Monday's. I had a really good day though minus some chatterers in 2nd period, but I'm getting there with them. We did a contour line activity with topographic maps (ones that show changes in elevation) in Earth and Space Science. We talked about different life zones of the ocean in Marine Science. Also, I had calculated grades for everyone on Friday and asked them all to write a bit on how they felt about it and things they did and did not like about this class. I enjoyed reading through many of them, as they reassured me that students are enjoying my class, our pace seems good, and they understand most of what I say.

After school I went to the first Zumba class of the year on campus. I really enjoy Zumba, and it felt good to be out there doing it again. Although a bit weird without my two Zumba buddies back at Morningside. Still good. My first workout for the day. Yes, I did just say first. Monday afternoon was a double workout that I had been anxiously awaiting.

This is the first time I've had a male Zumba instructor, though. hahaha Ended up being offered a ride by one of the school counselors who was at Zumba class, which was nice. Her ride was running late, and at first I worried I would miss workout #2, but it worked out really well today. The guys were running late, so I made it back in time for Insanity tonight. Successful double workout. Been a while since I've done of those. Definitely sweated it up tonight. I really do enjoy working out for several reasons. I felt really energized after all of this and finally caught up on my blog, for example.

Time to hit the hay though, about 10pm here and it's raining again. Started off and on shortly after I returned from the Insanity workout. Good timing today, I tell you what. Hope everyone else enjoyed their Labor Day Weekends and have nice shortened work weeks :-)

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  1. Glad you caught us up. That game in the rain...that was something else. I was impressed by those Cheerleaders in the lake :) Who got to wash those uniforms :) Loved the Nebraska Shirt. That is really neat that that kid went to Chadron. BIG Fires up that way....could use some of that rain you got. Glad you have reconnected with Zumba. As you know Got to see Karena and Andy at the game. Sooooo good talking with my NASCAR kids :) Love you lots Jess!!!