Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunrise, Success, Anu'u, and Fruit

Woke up Friday morning, started my stretches, and noticed that the clouds looked interesting from what I could see where I was. I decided to grab my camera quick and walk up the hill for a few "slightly after sunrise" photos. I like them.

On the left side of this photo you can see the small island of Anu'u, our planned adventure for Saturday.

I took this one on my way back down the hill and like the 60s feel of the photo. I did not edit it all. I took it like this by changing the aperture a bit.

Had a clever idea Thursday night for my classes on Friday to talk about the issue of littering in my classroom. Littering is just something that happens here, and I don't think the students fully grasp that they are doing something disrespectful in my classroom when they leave trash in the bookshelves or on the floor. Here's what I came up with:

I posted a writing prompt on the board saying, "Think about the floor, the bookshelf, and the trashcan. What do they have in common? What makes them different? How do they relate to this class?" I asked the students to write half a page on this topic. After I gave them time to write, I explained that although at first these three things may have sounded ridiculous they do actually relate to environmental science. We discussed the niche/role of something in an environment before I asked, "are you sure these three things are not the same?" They all looked at me quizzically probably thinking "is Miss Boschen asking us a trick question?". Nope, the answer is "they are not they same thing and you guys just proved that to me you know that despite the fact that you leave trash on the floor and in the bookshelves." A few of my seniors had quite the looks on their faces when they understood the significance of our writing project and how I went about the issue. I dub this clever idea a success :-) Especially since Monday, there was minimal trash on the floor and I made sure it was picked up by the students before they left. May have learned their lesson for a while.

Headed to the store before the football game for a few school supplies. Yes, Friday night football for once! Both the JV and Varsity teams from my school won against the Samoana Sharks. Had  quite a few really cool plays and blew the Sharks out. Got a ride home with one of the counselors who proceeded to buy Andrea, Stephanie, her nephews, and me some ice cream on our way. Ice cream is so customary here. Ice cream is my favorite dessert.

These next two photos are actually from last weekend. The first is from hanging by the fale in Utulei on Friday night, and the second at one of our stops along the road on the East side. I thought they were nice ones of me, so I figured I better share them.

Saturday's planned adventure (as mentioned previously) was to the little island of Anu'u. You can see it on the right hand side of this map next to the main island of Tutulia. Frank and Josh (our Florida friends) had planned this little outting, so 11 of us all loaded up mid Saturday morning and drove all the way to the wharf, which was about an hour long drive. This is actually where my Field Director was placed when she was a volunteer like me a few years ago.

We arrive at the wharf, load on to a little aluminum boat, for the 15-20 minute boat ride across to Anu'u. Probably closer to the 20 minutes this time with the rough waves. I rode up front with a few of the guys, which was a fun experience. Look at that blue blue ocean leading to the island of Anu'u. We each paid the driver $2 for taking us across.

Then began our afternoon on the little island. I love these little excursions where we just go and hardly think about work or school. It's always there when we come back, plus we have to adventure as much as possible before the rainy season really starts, which will put a damper on some hiking with all the slick rocks.

Started walking along the road (yes, there are a few vehicles on this small island), but the road more so became a trail after we walked out of the civilized portion. We were walking literally all the way around the island.

At one point Josh led us off the trail as he was sure the ocean was right there. Yep, thar she be. It was really fun to see everyone step up and over and just say "woah" or "wooo" as they took in the change of scenery. Great spot.

Then, we went back down and followed the road some more leading us to this spot with some tide pools.

I saw some more red-footed boobies and frigate birds. The one in the center of this photo is a red-footed booby. Just take my word for it.

Here's a close up photo of one I found online so you can see what I'm talking about. Check out those red feet... pretty cool.

Continued our hike around the island and felt like we were walking through Vietnam at times. Just something about it...

I think we spent around 4 hours on the island with the walk around, all our stops, swimming, and such. Then, we sat and waited for a boat to take us back. They don't really have a schedule other than come and go when they have passengers.

Back on Tutuila we stopped at a burger place in the village of Alofau on our way home. Big plate of food for $5 and good stuff. You order up at the window...

.... then head across to the ocean and eat at picnic tables. Nice little spot. Decently tired by the time we made it home, and then it was 10:00 before I knew it.

Sunday spent some time on lesson plans, laundry, and things like that. I decided to do my "Tight buns and killer legs" workout video, although I was told we would likely do Insanity. Just as I finished, I got the message we would start Insanity soon. Perfect timing. Got them both in, ate a little, showered quick, and decided to go to evening service at church - the topic was contemporary Christian music, which I enjoy, but this came from a different perspective; my studies in religion mentioned me on this topic and the way information was presented. This Christian church I have been going to is rather conservative and holds value on memorizing and reciting scripture. We did some singing, which I always enjoy, and then I was just intrigued and thinking the rest of the night. One of the longest van rides home ever as we stopped for gas, dropped a few off who don't normally ride, got some chocolate dipped ice cream cones, and then I made it home around 8:20pm. Worked a little on the computer before stretching and calling it a night.

Back it on Monday. Got a ride with Junior and his dad to school, and we got to meet his mom today. Then, I found myself rather excited when there were apples at breakfast. I always love the days where we have some real fruit, not just canned stuff (although I'm mighty happy with that too). Still not a single complaint from me on school lunches yet. I mean #1 they are free, and #2 they cover some basic food groups. Fruit! Fruit! Fruit! One of the other teachers insisted I take a second one. I was already full on my waffles and eggs, so I took the two apples back with me. One I ended up eating as my after school snack and the other is in the fridge now for Tuesday. Then, at lunch apparently there were oranges with the pizza. Before I headed over, one of my students showed up and set an orange on my desk next to my apples. I saved it, took it home, and had it with my supper of mac and cheese today. I never used to like eating oranges just like this, but looks like I grew out of that one finally down here. Fruit! Fruit! Fruit! :-)

Had my junior class do a fun writing or drawing project (their choice) on their favorite person, place, or thing to get us started on Monday. Went pretty well, and then we discussed some element percentages in the universe, earth, and human body. I had my seniors work on some questions out of the textbook on their own today to see how they handled that. Although, it's no my favorite work it's good practice for them, as college is a lot about independence and not being hand held or guided through everything by your instructor.

I went to Cost U Less after school, got a ride home with Max (he gave me a ride once when I was still living at Vo Tech for orientation. He saw me and thought I looked like I was tired of walking already. Gotta admit, I did have a ways to go still before I'd make it to the main road to catch the Leone bus, so I was thankful. Also fun to chat with him. He said I should call him anytime I'm out there like this for a ride home. He had given myself and one other volunteer his number already in case we ever needed help. He said he went through a time where others were always helping him and he likes helping others out.

Ended my Monday by exercising, eating my orange and mac and cheese, and updating my blog. Think I might watch Finding Nemo before heading to bed tonight. Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Red Footed Booby....for some reason I could see Larry the Cable Guy totally running with that one :) Gosh, your adventures continue. That little Island is beautiful. I miss the Ocean. I love the color of the Ocean and the sound of it. Nice job on the lesson you are teaching your students on littering. Happy to see your smiling face! xoxo

  2. I'm enjoying reading your posts and looking at your beautiful photos. It sounds heavenly there!
    -Mrs. Rother

    1. Thanks, Mrs. Rother! I'm having a great experience so far. Enjoying every minute :-)