Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Notes, Outfits, Rides, and Walks

Tuesday morning got a ride all the way to work with the Florida friends. Frank had asked once what time we usually get on the bus in the morning. I said about 7:15, and he suggested we should wait at the bottom of the hill as they usually leave between 7 and 7:15 (some days earlier). Figured I'd give it a shot, and if they didn't come down by 7:15 I would get on a bus. I saw so many white vehicles come down that hill that were teasing me, as the guys drive a white SUV. As 7:15 rolled around I decided I would get on the next bus, but then here they came. Life saved. haha. They literally go right by the high school on their way to work, so it's a win win :)

Before school started, David stopped in my room. David was one of the students that came for our teaching practicums. It was nice to see him. Great kid. I also see Tauesi around; he and David were in my first photo with Samoan students.

Talked about the second branch of Earth Science today with my Junior classes - oceanography. We discussed some basics and worked on an ocean exploration map. In Marine Science class with my Seniors, we basically took notes all day working on a timeline on the history of oceanography. They handled it well. Gotta have a few days where all we do is take notes. They need the practice.

Received several compliments on my outfit today - from security, to office ladies, to other teachers, to students. I had this black and white top made by the sew shop right in front of our apartment to wear with my Tafuna uniform skirt. The students wear white shirts with theirs all the time, but I wanted mine to be different. So many compliments on it, it was exhausting. haha

Walked down the Tafuna road and then got on a getting close to full bus. A group gets off, and then here comes Vimoto, one of my students, and sits in front of me. One of my really good students, always helping hand notebooks back out. He says "I thought you walk home." Yeah, I walk part of the way home. Usually 20 minutes before the bus ride.

Did some exercise when I came home again finishing by heading up Kenko Hill again. One of the little neighbor boys, JJ, asked me where I was going. I told him I was walking to the top of the hill and back down. "All the way to the top of that hill?" Yes, sir. Saw the Florida guys at the bottom, as they were on their way to run/walk 2 miles up a hill. I'd walk up, but no running up the hill for this girl (at least not as of now haha).

Saw JJ when I came back. "You're back already?!" Yep. I even stood at the top for a while. I noticed he had a football in his hands, and I ended up playing catch with him for a bit. I miss having my football. It was fun :-)

Then, got some ice cream with the roommates, sat under one of our fales (little roofed shelters), and watched the flying foxes for a while before heading in. This sleepy head worked on lessons for a bit and then just fell asleep.

Woke up Wednesday and went over my plans for the day before catching a ride with Frank and the guys again. Two days in a row. Woot!

Topic in Earth Science today was an Intro into Meteorology and Climatology. Took a lot of notes because I figured it would be good for the Juniors, as well. Took a few notes in Marine Science, and then I decided to break them into groups to see how they handled a little music project. Their task is to make a rap song about the information we discussed today - the three light zones of the ocean - Sunlit, Twilight, and Midnight. Some of them look like they have some great stuff in the mix, so I am looking forward to their performances Thursday.

A few of my classes needed a little break among the many notes we were taking, so I showed them the sun salutation from yoga. Some thought it was funny, some enjoyed it, and most of my boys even did it. I threatened one class if they talked any more during class that we would do this on stage at the pep rally in front of everyone on Friday. That silenced 2nd period pretty quickly. haha

Received compliments on my skirt again today. The one I wore today is the one item I received from the giveaway at orientation - donations from previous volunteers. Must be the design. Sam says to me, "where are you getting all of these nice outfits?" This one was free, my friend. haha.

He also liked my turtle necklace, which I said one of my best friends brought back for me from Mexico.

Then, I realized I was wearing items from various countries today. So far we have a skirt from Samoa, a necklace from Mexico...

Here is a bracelet from Ecuador...

and here is a bracelet from Colombia (another gift from a friend).

Top this all of with a plain old American white t-shirt. I didn't really think much of my outfit today, but then realized it says something about me. I like traveling.

"Traveling - it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller." -Ibn Batulla

After work today I was on a mission to walk all the way home for once. Walked rather quickly the first stretch and then slowed down some. Was about 5 minutes away from home, when Robert pulled over. I met Robert a few weeks ago at the Koko Bean. He works at the airport, we had a nice chat, and he said if I ever need a ride to give him a call. He asked if I had been walking the whole way, and today yes I was. He reminded me if I ever really need a ride just to let him know. Don't worry, I will. I told him it was great to see him again. He's been reading my blog some and is enjoying it.

The walk took me about an hour, and my feet are tired. haha. It was nice though. Not very often that I ever would just walk for 30 minutes, let alone an hour. Walking is nice; it's good for the soul. Not sure how often I'll make the whole trek, but it was good for today :-)


  1. Oh Jess do I LOVE that outfit you have on. That shirt is totally cute. LOVE IT! Here's a strange question for ya? I was going to ask you next time we skype but what do you wear say for example when you go to something like Bingo? Just curious. I have always loved that Turtleneck of yours. Keep up the awesome enjoyed....every word!

  2. I just wore a skirt and a t-shirt. Lots of people in shorts and skirts at Bingo. :)