Thursday, January 31, 2013

End of January

Wow, the last day of January has already come and gone. This wasn't my best week at school. Tuesday was a little rough for me for a couple of different reasons, but it's all good. I had some moments, but who doesn't? I'm still human. Good things also happened this week.

I spoke to 4 classes about our SERVE group from college and my passion for volunteering on Wednesday. After their reflections on Thursday, I learned that a lot of them enjoyed hearing about some of my friends and why I am a volunteer. May have inspired a few of them.

The other 2 classes for the day, our friend Sam came in and spoke. She is originally from Texas and works as a nurse in the pediatric unit at the hospital here on the island. One thing she enjoys about working is here is how much she gets to put her hands into things, like mixing up her own IV's and having to innovate a bit, making do with what supplies they have. It was really interesting to hear her talk about. It was cool to hear how excited she is about what she does - almost made me want to be a nurse in my next life.

After school ended, Hannah, Sam, and I did a little grocery shopping, grabbed some ice cream cookie sandwiches, and chatted a bit before parting our ways. These ice cream sandwiches we had were composed of two huge homemade cookies by Cindy, a lady that owns an Internet Cafe and used book shop, on the island. Yummy. Added up my calories for the day, right there. haha

Zumba class has moved to TJ's Gym for the next month, which means I have to pay the $20 fee for  the month. I can walk to TJ's no problem, so I can make it work. At first, this was one of the not so exciting things that came about on my Tuesday. After going on Thursday, though, I decided I'm going to pay it for this month because I still enjoy going. I really do enjoy my exercise and like changing it up. Still kicking it with the Insanity program. Almost half way done with the 9-week program :-)

Bit of a briefer post this week. I'm a bit wore out this week. I'm going to try to go to bed early tonight as I didn't sleep to well Wednesday night after church. Oh, church... that reminds me... Last post I talked about having a Samoan banana smoothie at the market with my friends from church. Well, they thought I should mention that when we got them the lady scooped it up out of a cooler. A little ghetto. haha Can't say I've ever had a smoothie served like that before. True Samoan style they aid. haha

Have a good weekend, friends and family!

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  1. You sure have me wanting an ice cream sandwich right now :) Soooo glad your week had some good spots. Keep up the awesome work dear!