Monday, January 14, 2013

Rainiest Month and a Mighty Fine Monday

So our field director mentioned in our weekly update this week that January is usually the rainiest month of the year. I'd sure say so. haha Rained practically all day again today. Not too hard just rather steady and constant.

I had a really great Monday. Not very often do people come home saying they had a really good day on a Monday. Although I ended up falling asleep later than usual the night before, I woke up energized and ready to go. I currently have this plan to have one day a week where I bring in a rather recent news article dealing with whatever topic we are on in class. I want to read it aloud together, where the students take turns. This will give them practice, we can discuss words as we go, and break the article down. Super smooth sailing today with that. Almost all of my students participated in the reading minus a few classes. I somehow kept most of them on track today without having to give many the teacher look.

After finishing the article, they answered a few comprehension and reflection questions in their notebook for individual accountability. In Earth Science we read an article about how old the Grand Canyon is as we we will be working on the topic of Earth History and the geologic time scale this week. As for Marine Science, we looked at an article about some research going on with using wave and tide energy as a possible alternative energy source. This went pretty well too with the students who were paying attention. Fourth period is still rather loud with it being one of the lunch shifts. Even 6th period was actually pretty quiet today. Last week I could hardly get any of them to focus so made them do everything independently as I wasn't going to waste my time standing in front of them. Some are still choosing not to do a single thing, but today I had some with me which was encouraging. At first I found myself at lunch thinking what a great day I had, but I still had 6th period to go. Finished strong today, though.

Last thing I want to mention in this little post is how I've been giving away a few items of clothes that no longer fit me. Some are just too big and I don't feel comfortable wearing them, so I figured someone should be getting some use out of them. One student took my blue puletasi (the first one I had made on the island), one is now the proud owner of my black and white top, and one will be taking home a white skirt tomorrow. Feels good to help a few of them out and it's a good and unexpected feeling to have so many clothes that are too big for me now. I don't write all of this to make any of you feel self-conscious of yourslves; I only hope that it may help give encouragement to anyone who may need some. If you want to be healthier, I believe in you and know you can do it!

Finished up my day substituting for a class, which meant me just giving them work time today. A few students came up and were chatting with me. They thought my blog was pretty cool. Alright, that's it for now. A great day at school required its own post, so there you have it.

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  1. You look so awesome. Thanks for the inspiration. Love you. Xoxo