Thursday, November 1, 2012

Spirit Week

Spirit Week... more like where whatever you want week. I didn't really take any photos of my students who dressed up for Spirit Week- some were just absurd. I saw a lot of cross-dressing this week. I'm not used to boys being so confident and willing to dress like that - and not just the fa'afafines either. I had boys that even stuffed their shirts to form a bosom. Oye. Monday was mismatch day - mismatched outfits and crazy hairdos. Some pretty skimpy outfits, too. Tuesdsay was masquerade day - students were supposed to wear masks with ball gowns or tuxedos. Some pretty skimpy dresses again, not quite what I would consider a ball gown. Then, to see boys I would have never pictured wearing dresses - like some of the punks wearing dresses. It was crazy. Wednesday was support breast cancer day - wear all pink. I put on the one pink item of clothing I have here - a top. Thursday - twin day (I remember doing that one in High School). All of us WorldTeachers wore our official WorldTeach uniform for that one. Friday is go Green day - so green outfits or outfits made out of recycled materials.

I decided to do some Halloween related lessons - more so fun information than anything. Monday we talked about vampire-like creatures - meaning animals that eat blood. Several fun facts, and I enjoyed our discussion. Then, came Tuesday. After i had done more thinking on it Monday night, I was really excited for Tuesday's class. I decided we could talk about the ancient Egyptians and their beliefs on the afterlife - tying into mummies and the mummification process. As I thought about it more, I thought we could have a good discussion about our current beliefs on the afterlife. 6th period took the cake for best discussion on the topic. It was awesome! Since I was a Religious Studies minor at college, I love to learn about different denominations and religions and make connections between the varying belief systems. I had some students who are Mormons stand up and explain their belief of a three kingdom heaven, and a few of my students who go to the Assembly of God were then presenting how their belief was different. Some even referred to Bible verses. So exciting that I got them talking. Great lesson :-)

I have not had my prep period all week, and I hadn't had it the last few days of last week either as I was subbing. The teacher who is gone was having some pregnancy complications, I believe. I'm not quite sure when exactly she's due, so I may be subbing for a while.  My department head actually came in and told me the other day I will probably still be subbing during that period again next week. That means in addition to the five classes I already teach, I now also see a sophomore life science class. Since my lessons this week weren't particular to my subject matter, it was easy to teach them the same lessons. Have to keep them occupied. I can probably throw some life science lessons together - we'll see.

Wednesday and Thursday I decided I was going to take it easy and not worry about a lesson plan - nice break for both me and the students. We watched Halloweentown - a classic from my childhood. One I often watched year after year as it always aired on the Disney channel. Was a bit weird watching it 6 times in one day, though. haha. Makes me want to find Halloweentown 2 and maybe even 3 and watch those now, as well.

There is some trick or treating that goes on here, but it doesn't seem to be quite as common as I saw back at home. I went to church Wednesday night, and as we were pulling in Richard pointed out some chickens climbing up a tree and asked if I ever saw those before. "Samoan chickens do that," he said. It was a funny little moment in the van as continued to say something about those pulagi chickens. Oh yeah, pulagi vs Samoan chickens. That's new. Can't say I've ever seen a chicken up a tree, though. He also explained how they catch them at night. Something like a coconut trap on a long stick. Oh boy. haha Then, I chatted with Lillian and Richard (they are my two friends that are my age at church) for a while, which was nice before the van took me home.

That reminds me, I got a ride home with the Zumba instructor on Tuesday and Thursday night. We had a fun cut, and now I know that I always have that option after class rather than trying to book it to the bus stop if the teachers who live that way don't come to class. Yep, I'm still working out. You don't need the play by play. I heard my parents are starting to exercise a bit more back at home, too, which is great to hear. Exercise is good for you and a great way to take your mind off things if you ever need it.

Wednesday after school I was taken by a few Junior students to one of the sewing shops to be measured for my costume on Friday. Can't remember if I mentioned yet that they asked me to be Princess Fiona for their MTV Showdown - another competition, which means we probably won't have afternoon classes on Friday. Some sort of dancing competition with these characters on stage with them, which is where they ask some of their class advisors (I'm a junior advisor) to put on costumes they put together. We also attended practice after school on Thursday. Should be interesting and fun. Josh, one of the other WorldTeachers is being dressed up as Shrek. I'll definitely have a photo or two, I'm sure. Otherwise, no big plans for the weekend yet. We'll just see what happens.

Gave my room a good sweeping Thursday during lunch. Just look at that dirt pile - ugh. A never ending battle with that one here.

Another thing that is different living and teaching here is how many students are wandering around during class time. My field director noticed that when she visited. Some students claim that they have no teacher, which I don't really buy since here a teacher is gone and I'm filling in. I also have several students that just walk into my classroom and think they can sit here while they skip class or whatever. Absolutely not. You cannot just hang out in my room when I am having class, especially when you have somewhere you are supposed to be. Some lack of common sense here, I tell you what. I've found myself thinking that many a times these past few months. Here it is already the beginning of November. Time's a flying.

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  1. They are keep you good an plenty busy aren't they :) BUT it is November already......Hard to believe. Seem like just yesterday you let. You are making such a positivie influence on these kids!!! Your such a special girl Jess.