Sunday, November 4, 2012

Princess Fiona and Fruit

First, I did find a way to make the video size smaller; so, here's the video I have of the traditional tap tattoo.

Second, school was there and gone before I knew it on Friday. No classes after lunch as I had predicted for the MTV Showdown class competition.

Here's a video of the part of the dance that Shrek and Fiona were a part of for the Junior class. I'm the one in the green dress with the red hair.

Here's Josh and I in our costumes. I got to keep the dress (since it was tailored to fit me and all), which I may be able to tweak and wear again for other occasions.

Stopped at a fruit stand on my way home for a fresh pineapple and the best little bananas they have had so far. I have been wanting to stop and get a pineapple ever since I saw them start appearing at the stands. Pineapple season :) All day I was thinking about a pineapple, banana, and apple salad for dinner.

There it is. Yum yum yum.

Nothing too exciting Friday night. Went and chilled at one of the hotel lounges for a while with the guys and my roommates. Just a chill night. Saturday morning, I woke up earlier than I thought. Had some pancakes at the KokoBean, walked to the volunteer house in Kokoland, and hung out with one of my friends there for a bit. Actually got some movie files from him for my computer. Then, I headed home, exercised, and had lunch. 

I had been looking forward to my plan for lunch on Saturday as I finally picked up some apples. My friend Richard at church told me about his sandwich speciality - apple, peanut butter, honey, and American cheese on toasted bread. I couldn't wait to try it. May sound like a weird combination when you add in the cheese, but good stuff.

Then, I made a peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch after morning church Sunday. Fruit, fruit, fruit. You all know I like my fruit. One of our fellow teachers at school, who has given me rides home from Zumba before talked about maybe bringing us some of her leftover food on Sundays as she goes to church right next to where we live. She brought over a nice salad on Sunday. Had some for dinner. There was a business meeting after church, much like what I've sat through at home. 

Finally, van ride home at 8pm Sunday night. I made the mistake of telling some of the boys at church earlier that I was going to be Princess Fiona, then I showed them the photo Sunday morning. All the way home they were calling me Miss Fiona. "That's Princess Fiona to you", I replied. haha Those boys.

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  1. LOVE the costume! The video was awesome! Love that you can find all that yummy fresh fruit. Good stuff for ya. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. xoxo