Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wet Friday

Had a presentation Friday morning on a general overview of some teacher trips before our language class. Only three more to go. We reviewed some basic structures of some simple sentences. Then those of us who will be teaching at Tafuna HS headed that way as we called and had a meeting with the vice principal currently presiding as principal, while the principal is in Hawaii. He went over some basic logistics, showed us some classrooms, and welcomed us to the school. A little football scrimmage between Tafuna and Nu'uuli was taking place on the field as we walked in, and some students asked as we walked in if we were the World Teachers. Yes, sir. I snapped a photo of the team as we were walking out (in the mist). When it wasn't raining today, it was rather misty. Came back with some slightly wet clothes and rather wet hair. Welcome to Samoa. haha

After our little meeting there, we had some down time before we headed into our half of the partner lesson session, which went well. I talked a little too fast, go figure, but I'm working on it. Usually is worse when I'm speaking in front of my peers. Other than that, had good feedback on how I presented myself in the classroom and had some good ideas.

Finally the weekend began. Went with Hannah (from California) and Beth (from Michigan) to KFC for dinner, where we just sat and chatted for a while. Nice to be in a smaller group for a while and just relax. We also grabbed some ice cream. On our walk back we were offered a ride, which we kindly accepted as it was still raining a bit out. He asked if we were teachers. Yes, sir. Second time being asked that today. They're used to having these World Teachers around. He also asked where we were from, and when I said Nebraska he said that he almost went to University of Nebraska Omaha to play football before something else came up. Nice way to wrap up my day before sitting down to read a book for a while and hit the hay. What are the odds that the person who gave us a ride almost came to school in Nebraska?

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  1. You've had a couple of cool Nebraska "related" stories so far. Neat! Sounds like a busy day for you again. Not to mention I want Ice Cream now :) I have a feeling you will shine in that classroom!!! Love you!