Monday, July 16, 2012

Flying all Day

Currently sitting in the Honoluly airport at 2:40pm local time, which would be 7:40 at home in Nebraska. Met up with most of our American Samoa WorldTeach cohort at the LA airport. We are all chatty and excited. I cut my flights pretty close in LA, though. Landed and then had to claim my bag, check it in with Hawaiian airlines, go through security 10:30am local time, and it was scheduled to depart at 10:40am, but then we delayed a bit anyway. When I checked in with Hawaiian Airlines, she told me I better rush. Haha Oh thanks. Made it!

If anyone is curious what airline food is like, here's some shots of what we were provided on our 5 hour flight from LA to Honolul. The first is the snack, and I had passion fruit guava juice with mine. Guava was one of my favorites when I was in Ecuador three years ago. The second shot is lunch - curry pasta... Finally, is Hawaii water. I guzzled a whole bottle when we landed in the airport.

Okay short and sweet post, but the whole not sleeping much last night thing is starting to catch up with me. I got in about a good hour nap on the 5 hour flight and dozed a bit in addition to that, but hopefully I'll gain some more on our last 5 hour leg. Then it's off to camp in a school for 3 weeks for Orientation! I'll post again when I get the chance. Night all!

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