Sunday, July 29, 2012

Amazing Adventure

Be ready for a long post everyone. I have a lot to share from my Saturday Adventure. Woke up and headed with 6 others on a hike to Nu'uuli Falls this morning. I had been super excited for this adventure since Wednesday! My friends know I love to hike, and just generally walk in nature. Was nice to get out of town for a while. I had read about Nu'uuli Falls and had a feeling it would be a place I would hike to more than once while on my year of service here. Yep, I'm going back. Even though it was a bit wet from all the rain yesterday, it was a great hike. I hada big smile on my face the whole hike up to the falls. Then, as soon as the falls were in sight I became as giddy as a school girl :-) These photos were all taken with my basic point and shoot camera. Next time I'll take my Nikon D70 and do some real photographic work ;)

We took a hiking group photo together. One person stayed out for the photo, and it wasn't me this time.

We got in to swim, which was amazing. Dejavu moment for me... Flashback to Cascada de las Latas in the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, May 2009. We hiked to a beautiful waterfall and were able to swim in the pool beneath it. I found myself just looking up at the waterfall enjoying the light streaming in and water falling down on me in the pool. What a great feeling! Here again at Nu'uuli Falls in American Samoa.

After taking in the moment, I got out to take some more photos and I even tried a little video as photos don't quite do it justice.

I noticed a little falls a bit to the right of Nu'uuli Falls as we were up there, so I walked over that way. The trees surrounding me reminded me of the Olympic Peninsula. My good friends will understand this reference though I've never been to the Peninsula. I took another little video and took some more photos.

After the hike we took the bus to Tisa's Barefoot Bar on the East side of the harbor for lunch. Really cool little place with lots of character. This place has been standing for 18 years in the village of Alega run by Tisa and her husband Candy Man. (He also built the place.)

I had been told they make the best pina coladas here, and boy I think I have to agree. Yummy.

Figured I'd take a photo of my barefeet with my pina colada at Tisa's Barefoot Bar with the ocean in the background.

They also had some grilled swordfish available for lunch that day, which had just been caught the day before and marinated overnight. My first time having swordfish, and a good experience. Look  at the delicious plate - a fresh salad with olive oil and lime juice, fried green banana slices, and grilled swordfish.

After lunch a few of us picked up a ride with a nice couple in the back of their pickup (photo in the back of the pickup below) to the village of Fagatago, where we did a little shopping. I picked up a new i'e lavalava. The turtle caught my eye, and blue is my favorite color.

We had some ice cream at Samu Ice Cream Shop, recommended to us by former WT volunteer and one of our teachers Jenn. Good stuff, and then grabbed a bus. I stopped at the fabric shop next to pick up material for my one maroon Tafuna skirt and some material for a puletasi. I pick those up in a week and half, and I'll post photos then so you can better understand what I'm talking about. Stopped at Steven and Son's little convenient store on our walk back to Vo Tech (where we are currently staying), and I picked up a little pineapple pie that some fellow volunteers raved about.

As we we walked up to Vo Tech, I couldn't get over the beautiful shades of blue on the ocean and in the sky today. Nice calm water and a photo worthy sight. Grabbed my Nikon D70 and took some photos. I've mentioned before how that view is never the same all day long or day to day. Clouds are always different and the lighting changes.

Finally took a nice long shower, came up wrote this blog post full of my amazing adventure for Saturday, and now I am headed to watch a movie on my computer and go to bed. Feel so rejuvenated after today.


  1. I think the videos make your blog even better! I finally get to hear your voice, wow that sounds cheesy. But I miss you! I am so jealous of the view you get to see everyday, it looks so beautiful!

  2. Hey girl! Looks awesome :) I love reading all these posts so I can see what you are up to. Sounds just like you even when you're just typing. We will try Skyping Tuesday but don't feel bad if it doesn't work. :) I love you!

  3. Hi dear!! I agree with Karena...I love hearing your voice on those videos. That last photo is just amazing!! I would love to hang that in my house :) That swordfish looks yummy. I am so glad you had a great day.......loved reading about the little barefoot bar, makes me want to hop a plane :) Love you girl.