Thursday, April 25, 2013


Decided it was worth $1.99 to buy an episode of the National Parks TV series on iTunes Tuesday night before I fell asleep. Had a feeling I was not going to feel magically 100% by the time I woke up, so got that downloading. Would be a good lesson no matter how I was feeling come Wednesday. I chose the "Best of the National Parks" episode to showcase on Wednesday in honor of U.S. National Park Week.

Got up and headed to school to collect the parental consent forms for the school field trips that may or may not happen., but Plan B is ready (as I mentioned in my last post). I enjoyed watching the video all 5 times, although my body was tired through most of it (even though I've done diddly squat for activity haha). Out of my 120 students, I can probably only name 7 or 8 that were actually paying attention. I still feel good about that, though. If I only instill a great awe of our landscapes to a handful of students, that's still a handful that did not have that appreciation and value before. Had I not shown up for school on Wednesday, all of my students would have been sent to a substitute with nothing to do other than sit there and do something that didn't bother the teacher. I am touching some :-)

One of my fellow volunteers shared this with all of us the other day:
“Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself" Chinese Proverb

Made the decision Wednesday that I will be holding off on any real workouts now until I've got this whole virus out of my system. That also led me to the decision that I will probably not move on to Insanity Month 2 for Round 2. Instead, I would like to focus on my core a bit more while I keep up with my cardio for the remaining weeks on island. Not quitting - just changing course. I have already met my goal and then some. Still gonna finish this year off strong and keep it up when I'm ack stateside. Just changing the workout schedule on my calendar. I'm excited to push the core and abs some more.

Headed into school on Thursday, and by the time I clocked out at 10am, it appears I have a bus for a field trip tomorrow. My persistance seems to have paid off. I checked out early, as we had a short school day for some professional development workshops. I knew it would be better time spent for my body to go home and rest for the rest of the day.... Cause I've got a field trip to the National Park with about 28 of my students Friday! I will likely have some photos to share from that adventure with you all come Monday. 

Oh, and their visitor center was just recently finished. The location had to move after it was destroyed by the tsunami. When I visited back in July/August, there really wasn't much to see in the new location. I saw some photos on their Facebook page today, though, that showed the new exhibits taken at the dedication ceremony. I am looking forward to seeing all of that. The visitor center in Pago Pago is our first stop, and then I do believe Ranger Pa'i is planning on taking our group out on one of the trails toward Vatia. Should be a good time.

Onward :-) Have a nice weekend. Sort of short post, but it hits the main points of the past few days.

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