Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gallons of Water, Snorkeling, and Sleep Pattern

Realized Thursday night that I drank between 1.5 and 2 gallons of water throughout the day. I know I drink a lot of water, but man that seems like a lot. Must be all that humidity and sweating I do. I do love water. Only thing I really drink besides some milk, a little Crystal Light, and some coffee. One of my friends is working on a blog, and she mentioned one of her goals is to drink one gallon of water each day. It's really good for you, of course, and it can help make you feel full longer. Later Thursday night, I realized we had a heat index of 103 on Thursday. That may also help explain the extra water I'm guzzling. haha. Man, the sun did seem a little warmer on my walk to the gym for Zumba I will admit. Pretty warm Friday, as well. Heat index of 104 when I checked before lunch.

Lunch.. that reminds me that I actually packed a lunch for work on Thursday during the speech festival. A little peanut butter sandwich, some almonds, and an apple. My first time bringing lunch with me to school in quite some time.

Thursday night was the first night in a while that I did not get a full 8 hours of sleep in. I've been pretty consistent, but I just struggled to fall asleep Thursday night and not sure why. Made it to school Friday to find we were having a Thursday class period schedule rather than a Friday one... Hmmm... we were a bit suspicious that we might be getting out early. Not quite sure how early but the rumors were abuzz that we would be releasing early. About 30 minutes in to our 2nd to last class, the final bell did indeed ring. Headed straight home and got an extra workout in for the day followed by a yummy healthy snack.

Met up with our fellow volunteer Beth at the Koko Bean for dinner and then she came to spend the night at our place, as she had not made it for a visit yet and had plans on the West side Saturday morning. Sat up and chatted with her until about 9, when I found myself yawning and thinking I should probably hit the hay. I felt like I should have crashed a while ago and felt like I was ready for bed, but then struggled again. It doesn't help when you're already restless, your brain attunes to everything, and then dogs start barking up a storm. I saw at least 10:45 before falling asleep.

Slept in a little, so that was okay. Ate some banana bread and ended up giving a surprise phone call to my old babysitter back in Newman Grove - Katherine Becher. She could not believe how clear I sounded from all the way down here in the South Pacific. It was nice to chat with her a bit. She was so great to my brother and I growing up.

Then, Hannah and I headed into town for a little brunch and conversation. Enjoyed a homemade scone and 3 cups of coffee, then decided to try a piece of their banana cream pie after sitting and chatting for a couple of hours. Good pie with some more coffee and continued conversation. I'm not so used to just sitting and chatting so much during and after a meal, but it is fun I will admit. About the only time I remember it happening so much was around the holidays. Something I should bring back with me. Thank you, Hannah, for teaching me this way.

Dropped a few things at the post office, and then I headed to the beach where I was to meet up with Beth and Jill for a little snorkeling. I knew I had about an hour before they would be back from their morning adventure, but I decided it was a good time to just sit. Had packed a book, but after covering exposed skin in sunscreen I really just sat, enjoyed, and thought a little. Another little habit I need to try to keep up. Having some times where I don't do anything but sit. From time to time. It's good for a person, I imagine. haha

My last planned time for snorkeling. This was one spot I wanted to try before I called it good. Struggled with my mask for quite a while again. Really thought I was just stupid about it, but Beth told me she struggles with hers as well. She had borrowed Jill's the weekend prior and had no issues at all. Jill kindly let me borrow hers as she wanted me to have at least one good snorkeling experience. No more water leaking in when I breathed, salt water stinging my eyes, or fogging up my mask. Definitely gave me a good look at things, which I was thankful for. Snorkeled along the drop-off of the reef. Felt like I was in Finding Nemo, plus I saw some of the fish from the movie. It was a weird feeling having rather cool water on my right side (the deep open sea) and warmer to my left (the more shallow reef). Saw some really big blue starfish, a little sea snake, various brightly colored fish, coral galore, and all sots of nooks and crannies. Snorkeling still really isn't my thing. It's cool and all, but it's not something I don't really have a strong desire to go out and do much.

Threw some dry clothes on quick, and then walked across the street to sit at a bus stop. As I was crossing a blue vehicle went by and the lady driving waved at me like she recognized me. Next thing I know this blue vehicle looped around, she asked if I needed a ride, and she said she and her friend could take me. Climbed in the car, and she explained she recognized me from Zumba. Her name was Patsy with her friend Niva. They are both Tongans, one born here and the other here since she was 4 years old. They were really cool and nice. They ask if I want to grab some food. They hadn't eaten yet as they just got off work. Not particularly hungry, but I said sure if you're stopping. Pulled into Carl's Jr., where they insisted on buying me food. I ordered a small salad and a small order of fries, but they told the server to up mine to a medium like theirs. haha. They were fun to talk with and are my age. Dropped me off, and they said we should do this again. They have my number, and I'd definitely hang out with them again. The truly nice people I meet.... I tell you what.

Showered all that sand out of weird places. One reason I don't enjoy the snorkeling so much or the beach, either -sand in weird places. haha Then, for some stinking reason I proceeded to eat a cinnamon roll. First one, okay, not so bad. Did some reading, and then found myself eating another one. Completely unnecessary. I actually felt pretty beat Saturday, so I kept thinking I wouldn't get a workout in at home, as I did that extra one Friday and figured I could do one Sunday if I so felt like it.  Kept nagging at me, though. I had a workout scheduled for the day, so about 7:30pm I decided to do it. Pushed it really hard, was sweating like crazy, and then decided to take this not-so-cute photo of myself. "If you still look cute at the end of your workout, you didn't train hard enough." Insanity round 2 week 2 complete.

This is my post-workout face in all its glory. haha Notice the red in my face (not sunburn), my "glistening" skin, and my messed up hair.

Cleaned up, grabbed my book, but found my butt dragging and felt like I could fall asleep on the spot. "So excited! I'm actually going to fall asleep soon and then sleep in".... Wrong. Could not fall asleep for the life of me. Grrrr. I saw at least midnight, and then woke up at stinking 5:20am unnecessarily. Oh well, had energy, so I got up and read my book for a while, made myself a pancake, and got ready for church. Went to the small Tafuna Baptist Church (where I attended that Saturday night Easter service). They have service in a room on the campus of Samoa Baptist Academy (a school). I do enjoy this not looking like a big fancy church on the outside and instead focussing on the people. One reason I kept going back to the Independent Church. The little Tafuna Baptist family consists of Pastor Brian, his brother Brandon, some volunteer American teachers, one Jamaicaan currently working for the power authority, and a few Samoan families (only one present on Sunday). I wasn't expecting it to be such a small group, but it was nice.

Enjoyed the contemporary songs again, thinking about campus ministries back at Morningside, and a nice message from Pastor Brian. He and his brother are really great guys that have been down here for 8 and 5 years, respectively.

Some of my teacher friends there also told me they've been struggling to sleep lately, too. Maybe it's the weather, we decided. Meh, oh well. Not sleeping as regularly as I was for quite some time, but should even itself back out. Frustrating at times, but still feeling great I am :-) Did my abs workout before dozing off a tiny bit, having a little lunch, working on my blog, sending some messages, and relaxing for the afternoon.

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  1. Love the workout face!!! That was so nice you got to talk to Katherine.