Saturday, June 1, 2013

Final Friday

Got one more ride with U'i this morning. He has been so kind and grabbed us every time he has seen us lately. He used to serve as the Director of the DOE here and is part of the board or something along those lines that will be working on some things this summer. He thanked us for our service here and wished us the best of the luck in the future.

Had a little over an hour of down time after we finished up breakfast. I enjoyed three apples and some milk. No once-frozen hash browns for me today. Shortly after 9am began the underclassmen awards ceremony, which went by fairly smoothly. Watched one of the boys from church receive many awards. He's such a great kid. The first student from church to pop in and say hello to me many times those first several weeks I began attending Vai O Le Ola service.

Then, we had another hour of downtime. I really felt like I could have just fallen asleep with my head on my arms in the classroom, much like I did after breakfast. I've been doing so many things this week, busy with all of the farewells. Been worth every minute I've been awake.

At 11am began the farewell luncheon for the staff. All 5 of us WorldTeachers were recognized along with some teachers that are retiring and some that are going back to school or teaching somewhere else. They made us dance, clothed us in some gifts, said many kind words to all the teachers who will be leaving, and served a nice little lunch.

This is a photo with our principal wearing many of our gifts. I had already started packing some of mine up when we decided to take a photo, hence my funny looking out fit.

Here are the "me alofas" I received from Tafuna High School: a woven bag, a Tafuna i'e (piece of fabric), a Tafuna t-shirt, an ula, a sei, and some earrings.

Had just stepped off of campus and began walking down the road when this guy offers me a ride. His children had gone to Tafuna, and he served on the PTA there he told me. At first he was just going to drop me off at the intersection leaving me a 10-minute walk, but on the way he told me he was just going to drop me off at the apartment since it wasn't that much farther.

Came home and baked some apples. I have many apples in addition to the even greater many oranges in the fridge. I also organized some of my stuff. Only three days left on island. Then, I open an e-mail from my friend Eymard which contains my souvenir photo with the Interpretation and Education Team. Yay!!! Here we are: (L-R) Ranger Pua, Ranger Pa'i, me, Chief Michael, Ranger Eymard, and Ranger Sam. Once again, lucky girl was I to find the the whole team in the office at one time. They all have been inspiring for me, were kinder than I could have ever asked for, and I absolutely LOVE this photo. Yay for my NPS friends.

Headed over to the Daku house to give Pastor Scot and Miss Katie the chance to use one of their anniversary gifts on a date night. I insisted that they use my babysitting services at least once more before I head to the Midwest.

They both looked so nice and excited for a little time out of the house together. I am so thankful for everything the two of them have done for me.

Katie had made some dough so we could make some pizzas for dinner. Enough dough for two pizzas, so Jenna Faith worked on one and Scot Jeffrey on the other. They both followed directions well, and we didn't make much of a mess. They also tasted pretty yummy. :-)

 Baby Andrew Paul didn't spend too much time crying. He was pretty content in his walker for a while (in a stationary position - mot walking around or anything), let me hold him for quite a while, even took a nap, and played on the floor. Cried some of course, but not too shabby of an evening. I gave the kids an A- for behavior on the night. haha

We attempted a group photo of the four of us, but Jenna and Andrew weren't able to stay focused the whole 10 seconds the timer was going off. Still cute. Jeffrey listened good to me on this one. Those two sure do love my camera, though. They've also really warmed up to me, knowing me so much better, we had a really good time tonight despite Auntie Jessica feeling tired when she first arrived.

Here's when Andrew fell asleep for a little while.

Pastor and Katie came back a few hours later, and I finally got a photo with the whole family. Everyone is looking, too. How lucky can ya get?

Time for bed. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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