Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bouncing On Through Wednesday

Had only been in my classroom for about 5 minutes this morning and in walks one of my senior students. She walks right up to me and says "Miss Boschen, can I get a picture with you? I'm going to miss you." Sure. She took one of just me, first; then, one of us together. This is Kimberly. She said she wrote down all my contact information, so I hope she does stay in touch. She's a sweet girl and worked hard this year. A fine student. She hugged me then as she left.

Had my last real class period as a teacher at Tafuna High School in American Samoa. The last final exam time, but as you know I already gave my last test, so we watched a movie today.  Said some good-byes and got one hug. Still may see some of them over the next few days at school.

Spent some time sitting in the classroom after that as one of my fellow volunteers mentioned a lunch our Baptist friends had invited us to join. I decided I might as well. Knew there weren't very many good veggie options for me at the place mentioned, but I decided it would be nice to chat with some of them at least once more.

Ended up just ordering a side of french fries to go with my iced tea. Decent fries, but all that salt and seasoning doesn't taste quite as delicious as maybe it once did. Perhaps that's my healthy body talking. Didn't make me sick or anything, but I kept thinking about some fruits I had at home. haha

Spent most of my time at the lunch chatting with these two - Mandy and Larry. Nice to catch up and discuss how none of us are quite sure where life is taking us next yet. Got a hug from Mandy, Larry, Julie, and Brian. Will probably see some of them at the airport on Monday, as Ethan is on the same flight as me. They all put me in charge of him making sure he gets on at the right time and gets off. hahaha

Came home still a little hungry as I really hadn't eaten much. Not only did I simply have a side of fries for lunch, but breakfast was lacking too. I'm not a big fan of the baked hash browns (you know those frozen ones that are like one big flat tater tot). So, I ate part of one of those and some apples for breakfast. Originally thought I might go out for brunch after class, but plans changed.

Decided to eat some of that fruit I was thinking about as I munched on my fries. Mmm mmm. Enjoyed a little bowl of some orange, apple, and papaya. Also fueled up with a little oatmeal with some decent time before heading to Zumba, as I knew I may not have much time for a dinner after Zumba.

Walked to Zumba class, which usually takes about 20 minutes. Found myself almost already warmed up by the time I made it to the gym. The warm-up song had already begun, and I jumped right in heart already kicking and felt like I was going to hopping around extra crazy today. I jump around more than most to begin with at Zumba class, but I felt extra springy in minutes.

As my body was pushing pushing pushing, I found myself thinking maybe I should leave the session early so I'm not pushing it so close for the awards ceremony. "Yep, this sounds like a good idea," I thought. "I'll even run home to save some time." Yep, literally run. My adrenaline kept going, and this was the hardest I've pushed my Zumba in a while it feels like. I"m always pushing, but had an extra push today.

Bounced out, and running I went. Haven't gone running outside in a while. Ran up the Tafuna road to the main intersection, and as I was on my way I thought to myself maybe I'll snag someone that is turning my way to drop me off. I mean would have only been maybe 5 more minutes of running, but wouldn't hurt anything. "Hi, I don't mean to bother you, but is there any chance you would mind dropping me off next to Manumalo." "Sure," they said. Into the back of their truck I went. I used to be such a shy girl, but now here I am just walking up to people asking for a little favor. Happily agreed upon, of course. haha

Showered off quick, ate an apple, and then out the door we went. The wind sure had picked up so it felt like it might rain. Tried hitching, and then I saw a student go by in a truck. This student actually happens to be the niece of one of my Zumba instructors. A few minutes later they had circled back and picked us up. What timing I tell ya.

Went to the Senior Awards Ceremony to watch two of my students receive their Marine Science awards. I mentioned in a previous post how excited I was for them.  I wanted to be there to support them. I encouraged both of them to go in case they received an award. They tied on the exam we gave to pick the top Marine Science students. Can't help but be proud of them. Although I felt like I struggled to teach them enough information in that class, apparently we did some good stuff.

Matane - a beautiful young woman I will miss. She has been an active field trip goer, and has plans to attend the community college this fall. She worked so hard in my class, takes care of her younger siblings at home, always has a contagious smile on her face, and has great ambitions. Gave her a hug as I congratulated her.

Steven - my student with a brain. It was such a joy to have him in class questioning big ideas, turning those gears in his mind, a pretty chill character, and always smiling and loving life. I'm gonna miss seeing him around. He also shared some movies with me throughout the year. I know he's pretty interested in computers but not quite sure what his next plans are. I finally convinced him to take a photo with me. Not one who is too fond of the camera. Gave him a big handshake as I congratulated him. Already embarrassed him enough in front of his friends making him stand up to take a picture with me. haha

As Hannah and I were walking home, we decided tonight would be the night to finish off our last bottle of sparkling cider we had been saving ever since we moved to Malaeimi from Pava'ia'i. Picked up a little chocolate on our way home and opened up an orange to enjoy with it. Fun way to end our evening. Thus ended my bouncing around on Wednesday. Minus the lag time between my class and heading to lunch, I was pretty go go go for the rest of the day. Especially that Zumba session and the run home. "Crazy Jessica," I found myself thinking as I was high on adrenaline. Leading up to that other high moment of being so excited for two of my students who received awards. Another day this week here and gone.

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