Tuesday, December 4, 2012

From Rain to Sunshine

From Rain to Sunshine... This post will lead you from Dreary Monday to Terrific Tuesday and all that was in between.

What a Monday. Dreary Monday to its fullest meaning. Woke up to a cloudy rainy morning, still wasn't feeling the greatest, and a headache that was distracting. Usually my sinus headaches are simply annoying and don't affect much I do throughout the day, but boy did it Monday morning. Switched my lesson plan as I couldn't think well that morning. Could just tell I wasn't feeling so hot at lunch time. As for lunch itself - wasn't much for me to eat Monday. The homemade pizza was a bit weird and dripping in meat, but I ate some of the crust with my huge helping of applesauce. They were out of corn, so I had crust and applesauce. Delicious. haha I mean I'm perfeclty okay with a huge helping of applesauce - healthy and fulfilling, just odd, and then seemingly lucky only one more class to go for the day.

Oh, but the wrong class to have left, I tell you what. haha Darn that 6th period, sometimes. Had a few students I had to chat with afterwards after trying to make it clear that their behavior was unacceptable in my classroom. Apologies all around and we left on good terms. I like to end things that way and not leave it badly for the next day. Some of them just don't seem to care on days, which makes it harder to want to stand up and share cool stuff with them. Continuing with my dreary Monday, but don't worry it has a happy ending :-)

I left right after school, speed walking down the road, stopped at a store for some more tea bags, and then caught a bus right away to go home. Then, I make it home feeling sick to my stomach. Think my system was simply out of whack. Ended up chatting a bit with some of my girls back in Nebraska online, which was a nice surprise. Then, I decided to just lay in my bed for the night, watched Harry Potter, and drifted off to sleep around 8:30pm without the fan running mind you as there was actually a little breeze with the rain. Ahhhhhhh :-) Oh, and I also put together a new Zumba outfit before heading to bed Monday night. You shall read more about that at the end of this post. I was pretty proud of it.

Anyways... As I awoke 3 minutes before my alarm sounded Tuesday morning, I realized I did not remember waking up once through the night. How bizarre, but a fantastic feeling. I needed it, and I felt eons better on Tuesday. I immediately could tell how much more energized I was, and you could see it in my lesson for the day. Felt good to be back at it swinging strong. Some different players in the "drive Miss Boschen crazy game" during 6th period game today. Even after we just revisited the classroom expectations. Oh well, Tuesday was a terrific day.

A singing group from Independent Samoa was currently on island touring around, and they made a stop at Tafuna High School for a little PR and fun during our 7th period. Sure felt like I was a ta Justin Bieber concert or something when these guys walked on stage an the girls started screaming. haha. Oye. The championship football and volleyball teams were also recognized at this assembly full of song and dance. May have been the most singing I've witnessed at a single school assembly yet, I'd say.

4th period and 2nd period were FANTASTIC. We accomplished a lot and had a great time doing it. It's invigorating as an educator to have a class that's engaged, paying attention, being respectful, and allowing you to be yourself in front of them. Plus, not  having to give anyone the teacher eyes). This ought to make you laugh.

1st period, I had one student sit here, then think he was just going to walk out. I don't know what goes through their heads sometimes, especially as this wasn't the first time this has happened. Like I'm not going to notice. I found it interesting on this particular day as he had just asked me why he lost points the day before, and I told him it was for being late. Obviously I know he's here, and I followed him out after I got the others started. Found him sitting with a group of boys around the corner, including another of my students. Back to class boys, and all of you should be in 1st period right now. Us? Yes, or I'm taking you to the office. They all scattered. Well... that was fun :-)

Then, first period thinks they don't need to pay attention as we are revisiting the classroom expectations. Alright, who wants to get up here and try teaching? I had one student thinking he was going to be smart and do it. Got up there, and I sat down acting just like all of them. How did we feel about that? Low and behold they all were on much better behavior after that. Fun little twist in my day. I'm telling you, no matter how many bad moments may happen throughout the day I don't let anything get to me, and I drink in the good moments. I watch others struggle with this concept day in and day out. You can have a good day if you yourself make the decision to have a good day no matter what. 

Boy, I think this post is much more invigorating then the last one. Must be because I'm feeling so much better today. Now to just finish flushing that cold out of my system. Wrote this up Tuesday after school before heading to Zumba, where I am wearing my newest Zumba outfit. Black capris with little blue design on the side (courtesy of the clearance bargain my mom found) topped with a white t-shirt I cut and tied on the sides. If you ever see Zuma instructors, you will understand why I am calling this a Zumba outfit. For your viewing enjoyment... haha


  1. Your getting so tiny :) Darn those students anyhow....you showed them :) Keep up the good work my dear. Lots of love and hugs.....

  2. Hahah I have totally gotten that Boschen look before haha! Miss you pretty lady! And I agree with Aunt Kristin you are soo tiny!